One Step To Your Excellent Shiksha

“Excellent Shiksha” is an educational website which provides you with all the important notes and resources for free. Keep learning from here and get the best marks in UP Board Classes. Keep yourself updated and ahead of the curve in this fast-paced digital world. Make your preparations for your Board Exam from here & be happy for result.

Man Behind The Excellent Shiksha

Hi, I’m Istaq Shah, a full-time Teacher and have a Expert Team. I launched Excellent Shiksha on Jan 1st, 2022 to help Students build successful future starting from zero.

I have a master’s degree in Science and started my Teaching journey in 2016. I’ve worked as an Intermediate Teacher for class 10th to 12th professional for intermediate School. Like Sardar Patel Inter College, Shree Rajesh Pilot Inter Collage, etc.

In my 7+ years of Teaching journey, I’ve seen all the ups and downs of Students marks, and feel that its a major parts of notes. So I’m here to teach you all the strategies with my team to get a best marks in Board Exam.